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Soooo... welcome to North Carolina, Blue State 2008. It's been a great week since The Election... but we here at NC State can't handle change very well. See, according to our wonderful newspaper (I use both terms loosely), The Technician, we're all damn racist bastards.

Ok, backing up. Wednesday morning, some poor innocent freshmen stumble out of their dorms for 8:00 class and into the Free Expression Tunnel. Now, I spend all my time on the engineering campus and thus missed this whole spectacle, but from what I gather, some idiots had gotten hold of some paint. What happens when idiots have paint, kids? Correct. They paint racist messages in the Tunnel. (Klan wannabes don't like Obama much, by the way.)

Long story short, this turns into some huge deal, like we got together as a campus and decided to hold a KKK meeting in the brickyard. The newspaper has been reporting nothing else, I'm getting e-mails left and right about anti-racism meetings, and there's a general feeling of hostility on campus. One headline today read: "NC State students are more racist than you think." Really? I didn't think I was racist... but maybe I am. After all, the rest of the city seems to think that all white students are racist now. For Pete's sake, the NAACP is coming to Raleigh to verbally abuse...err...speak to the campus.

Now, I've done nothing wrong here. I'm certainly not racist, and I happen to support Obama. I even spent an afternoon at campaign headquarters. So why on earth do I have to interrupt my regularly scheduled programming to tune into this drama? Four maladjusted asswipes decided that they needed a little more attention than they were getting from their sorostitute girlfriends and decided to paint the tunnel. Big F-ing deal. Let them go, hang them by their toenails, I don't really care. Just leave me out of this. Quit cluttering my inbox and taking over my newspaper.

They wanted attention, and they got it. Happy now? Good, let's get back to normal already.
9th-Apr-2008 12:37 am - election
so it has been a looooooong time since i've posted last, but i needed to express my joy over the upcoming democratic primary in north carolina.

the date of our primary in this wonderful state is may 6th. this falls more than three entire months after super tuesday, which is widely considered to be the most important primary date in the country. we vote so late here that i actually vote after i finish the school year. well, i don't know who decided to stick our primary at THE END, but thanks to his vast intelligence, our votes rarely count.

that's right: in this "democratic" society we have going here, an entire state's votes do not count in the primary election. in fact, seven states, plus puerto rico, vote on or after may 6th. yet, iowa and new hampshire, of all places, get the priviledge of setting the pace for the rest of the election. does this make sense to anyone else? and does anyone actually live in iowa?

didn't think so.

north carolina holds a fairly large chunk of delegates, at 134. in this election, every delegate counts. so what does this mean to us?

this year, the democrats care about north carolina.

that's right, folks: these past few weeks, the tarheel state has hosted hillary, obama, and all the relatives that can maybe give them an edge politically. chelsea clinton (who i apparently look like) and michelle obama have spoken at n c state. (why they came to a predominantly republican school is beyond me, but hey, i ain't complaining.) bill clinton visited the senior center in cary. and best of all, there is talk of a debate being hosted by cbs and ncsu, to be held at the rbc center on april 27th.

forget hockey, forget our disappointing basketball season... i'm gonna go watch a presidential debate.

and then i'm going to vote. and best of all, my vote will count.
6th-Jul-2006 01:36 am[blank]
today i...

woke up, went to work, hung out with discovery sports (cheerleading!), worked with the pathfinders, came home, got coffee with maggie, went to the soccer game (no good sportsmanship beads for the other team, by the way), went to waffle house (which, by the way, wasn't as shady as the one on hillsborough). yay.

matthias kessler won the 3rd stage of le tour de france.

i graduated. exciting.

i HATE new jersey.

the boat was fun.

cookout tomorrow.

that's all.
5th-Jun-2006 01:40 am[blank]
i just thought you'd like to know that while changing into shorts tonight i fell over. thank you very much.

today was pretty much wild. stupid band banquet (groan) and then baccalaureate... and one of the speakers from the rally saturday was our speaker. so chris and i felt the need to go meet him.

mrs. s. made a point to completely ignore me today. hey, her loss. it's not my fault her daughter and i don't get along. (hey, you steal my friend's boyfriend, and we're going to have issues. i don't care who you are.)


side note. books i've read recently that have been amazing: east of eden, 1984, waiting for godot (omg), something wicked this way comes... and i can't wait to get the final book in that series by orson scott card. and my dad got a copy of tobacco road the other day that i have to read.

we have a baby squirrel living in my birdhouse. dad hit it with a paint roller this morning. oops.

5 days. 5 days. 5 days.

24th-May-2006 10:54 pm[blank]
so i have my gosh darned senior speech tomorrow. screw this. although i do have the cutest dress... but i digress. i don't think i've ever written a worse essay-type thing for english class.

i got the new dixie chicks cd today. (this is one i don't have to steal from my dad. oh joy.) so i'm excited. country songs that aren't dripping with patriotism and "i-love-the-republicans"-ism. but no liberal hippie rants tonight.

the canes lost tonight. damn. series: 2-1 buffalo. but we WILL get even. mark my words.

senior picnic friday. no school monday. exams thursday and friday next week. graduation the friday after that. omg omg omg. i'm excited. 4 more days and i'm out of here.

so the annoying obnoxious neighbors moved out, and more annoying obnoxious ones moved in. are you freaking kidding me. and the other neighbor kid was up a tree for a few hours tonight. moron.

the bush gardens trip was amazing. except for when steve got sick and jon, olivia, and i had to stay with him while he ran and threw up. oh wow. and then a truck went off a bridge on the way back home and we got stuck in traffic (...?) and then there was a hobo sleeping on a table at the rest stop, which was kind of sketch... and divya and i made friends with some random guy in line for the one ride and he kept staring at us. and mandi and steph were flirting with some creepy guys and steve told the girls to knock it off and the creepy guys freaked out. and then we had some interesting band trip hook-ups (none involving me this time, aren't you proud of me?) and then me, joe, and steve had to entertain the bus by doing stand-up... oh geez. i wish david would have been there because we were getting some serious UNC-bashing going on there...

ok that's enough. i need sleep so i can SPEECH tomorrow! yay.
18th-May-2006 08:59 pm[blank]
so this is really weird, but...

olivia and i ran out of gas on the way to the school play last thursday at the intersection of western and gorman... so we got a bunch of guys to help us push the car into the wendy's parking lot at the intersection. (by the way, that parking lot is death to cars: we ran out of gas, bryan's tire went flat, and devin locked his keys in his car while the car was running.) so then two of the guys that helped us drive into the parking lot and ask if we need help. considering our plan was at that point to walk to the gas station to get some gas, we of course said sure why not... because, you know, it's not shady at all to get into a mini van with two college guys that you don't know... but they were pretty awesome about the whole thing... so we got gas for the car and made it to the play on time (yay).

ok, so the weird part... of course they go to state, so we were like yeah, i'll probably run into our rescuers next year sometime... and then one of them found olivia's myspace so yeah... we have new friends now. lol.

it's a small world, folks.

maggie, i got a pair of bright green crocs today. they rock.
9th-May-2006 11:03 pm[blank]
leah and i made a wedding cake today. it looks gorgeous. i'll put up some pictures eventually. the pictures that i took with my new camera (omg). and i think in the hours that we decorated, i ingested more icing than actually went on the cake.

english needs to go away. real soon.

the hurricanes are up 2-0 in the series against jersey... which is so far reassuring but we all know how round one turned out for the canadiens... so we'll see. game tomorrow night, so i'm excited.

uhhmm... my mind went blank on me... and my arms hurt like i don't know what (cake decorating is hard, man) so that's all.

let's go canes! lol.
1st-May-2006 11:22 pm[blank]

i like country music. i kind of realized this the other day while morgan was downloading music from itunes and i was like hey... i know these songs... i guess it comes from listening to it my whole life. (i swear, i feel like such a redneck sometimes. i guess jon d was right.)

i do not, i repeat, do NOT understand guys. at all. i feel so bad about some of what guys i know are going through, and i just have to sit here and wonder why they put themselves through it all... even though i know i'm no better.

i just took my contacts out. duh, sarah. now i can't see what i'm typing.

my whole sociology class thinks i'm a freak now because i read the voters' guide for the primary election tomorrow.

there's something that i just can't let go, and it's been bugging me for quite some time now, and it's quite embarrassing. oh well. i think i just have to wait it out for now.

i am totally and completely addicted to sweet tea. omg.

that's all for now. i'm tired and blind, so i figure it's time to go to bed.

p.s. my clock struck 00:00 the other day. i think that's a bad thing.
30th-Apr-2006 12:16 am[blank]
today we filmed our grammar project. four hours of running around ashley's house dressed in our sexy medieval outfits... ooh. i'll see if i can get some pictures from it on here. like where christine stole the bag of rice (she's asian, get it?) lol. we're all gonna look like complete morons in front of the class on friday when we present, but whatever.

i painted my nails today and then i bit one and i have teeth marks in it. (not relevant, i know, but it's pissing me off.)

the dci show on thursday in garner was amazing! especially the part where i knew some people from guard... and when matt had to point out, "that's jeff." duh.

so i might be able to go to the allentown regional, the show in raleigh, and/or FINALS!!!!!!!!! (if i can find a way to get out to wisconsin and back in three days, that is.) but i'm excited. i'm making up for not going to anything last year. which wasn't my fault. but i'm so EXCITED for this season!

now neko and i have to figure out how to get from state to practice for whatever guard we may join next season... considering we won't have cars on campus. crap.

discussing why david hates me:
"I think it's because you're not, like, in love with him."
i <3 morgan. lol.

i so can't wait until june 9th. gra-du-a-tion! omg. now i have to find shoes. you know how pissed off i am that i can't wear my retro blue heels? stupid dress code. where am i gonna find some awesome navy blue shoes?
25th-Apr-2006 11:26 pm[blank]
by far, the strangest moment today was my dad telling me that i can't go upstairs because of the thunderstorm. umm, duh, how am i supposed to get sleep?

today was... emotionally draining... i had a tough lunch period. (i know that sounds pathetic, but take my word for it).

everyone pretty much hates me and hannah for nailing flight of the bumblebee in four days. ah, hell, they're just jealous.

went to the hockey game last night. that was the most depressing night of my life. except for... well, we won't go there. basically, the canadiens scored 3 in a row, the canes scored 4 unanswered, the canadiens scored 2 more, the canes tied it up with 2 minutes to go, and it went into double overtime. and then we lost two and a half minutes in. pain in the butt. so i didn't do my calculus homework.

i hate calculus.

yay, busch gardens in a few weeks! i just love band trips. (we all know what happens on band trips. bad things happen...) i'm 3 for 3 in doing stupid things on these trips. let's make it 4, shall we?

i can't believe david's complaining about not having any money. but i guess it's crown's fault...

if you want to see something funny, this takes the cake. ah, our amazing lottery.
(excuse my laziness... i know i'm being so un-HTML literate right now, but whatever. we're lucky sarah can actually turn on her computer.)
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